First Video Game I Voiced for on Steam!

2013-09-22 02:02:45 by KaggyVA

The game is "Ironclad Tactics" I voice the main villain "Dimitry" and the "Zouave" soldiers. So if you happen to pick up the game you're most likely gonna hear my voice.

First Video Game I Voiced for on Steam!


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2013-09-22 03:44:51

Nice! I'll have to check out that game!


2013-09-23 13:31:12

Awesome! I'm gonna follow you now to keep an eye on other stuff you voice for!

KaggyVA responds:

Thanks Tom! Means a lot :3


2013-09-24 11:04:56

Looks like a good game!


2013-09-27 15:22:05

where can i find the game?

KaggyVA responds:

On Steam.


2013-10-02 05:10:27

Congrats dude! I'm definitely gunna be keeping an ear out for you! :)