Need a Voice Actor?

2013-05-05 13:15:10 by KaggyVA

So I've voice acted in a couple of animations here on NG, but I want to voice in more.

So if you need a voice actor for any sort of animation here's my voice demo and as well as my website to see what exactly I've voice acted in.


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2013-06-05 17:21:38

Good luck to you, I just saw INC and you made some great voice-acting there, you sure got some talent, bro :)

KaggyVA responds:

Thanks mate! Means a lot :3


2013-07-12 18:15:47

Hmmm. I do need voice actors for future projects.


2013-07-12 22:26:14

Ok, I need a voice- actor for doctor christ off for a awesome new movie =3